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long distance towing

long distance towing

Long-distance towing is a type of towing service that involves transporting a vehicle over a long distance, typically more than 100 miles. This type of towing may be required when you need to move your vehicle to a new location that is far away, or when your vehicle breaks down while you are on a long road trip. If you have that situation arise, DownTown Towing is more than ready to assist! We provide long-distance towing for vintage cars, motorcycles, and any vehicle you need transported across the country!

Long distance towing requires specialized equipment and experienced drivers who are trained in long-distance transportation. With DownTown Towing, you can rest easy knowing the professionals have it covered!

car being towed long distance from arkansas to texas
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downtown towing?

When hiring a long-distance towing company, it’s important to choose a reputable and experienced provider to ensure that your vehicle is transported safely and efficiently. That’s exactly what we provide for our client base at DownTown Towing. With great reviews and an experienced team, we’re more than capable of hauling your vehicles across long distances safely and securely.


Very professional, polite young man. Said “owner” on shirt.

Thanks to Jeff for towing my vehicle out of a difficult spot today. He arrived very quickly, was extremely polite and kind. I appreciate his expert service!

long-distance towing


If you find yourself in need of immediate towing or roadside assistance, don’t wait a moment longer! Call DownTown Towing at either of our locations today!